My Favourite Person (Zizan Razak) by Alynn

“Zizan Razak" or owner's real name was Mohd Razizan Abdul Razak one famous comedian Entertainment Industry Malaysia. He is also spread his wings as host, actor and the latest as a singer. He was born on 15 April 1984 and he is from Dungun, Terengganu. He is the youngest of two siblings. 

He joined the entertainment since 2007 by participate in Raja Lawak Season 1. He was runner-up of Raja Lawak Season 1, but he was called the early appearances as Zizan Raja Lawak. He is also a participant of Maharaja Lawak and correlated with Johan and crowned as runner-up in Maharaja Lawak. Zizan Razak also crowned as a champion in Super Spontan. He has won several TV awards. He also has a good look and stylish.

I admire him because he can make people laugh and his jokes are different and spontaneous. He is one of talented artist in Malaysia. He's a very versatile in the world of entertainment.

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